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Junge Menschen im Sonnenuntergang am Attersee
Junge Menschen im Sonnenuntergang am Attersee

This summer
is going to be unforgettable.


What you absolutely must do this summer

Here’s the definitive bucket list featuring 10 ideas for a summer you’ll never forget in Upper Austria.

© Foto: Johannes Horvath: Sternenpark Attersee-Traunsee
Sternenpark Attersee-Traunsee
1. Gaze at stars

2024 is shaping up to be an exceptional year for gazing at the night sky. Here are 3 key dates:

  • On 13 August 2024, the Perseid meteor shower will grace our planet, offering — particularly in the latter half of the night — hundreds of shooting stars visible to the naked eye. Tip: Seek out a secluded spot for meteor watching, such as the Attersee-Traunsee Star Park.
  • On 18 September 2024, we’ll witness a partial lunar eclipse in the early hours. At 4.44 am, only 9 percent of the moon’s disc will be covered by the Earth’s umbra.
  • On 13 October 2024, the comet C/2023 A3 Tsuchinshan-ATLAS will make its closest approach to Earth at a distance of 70 million kilometres. The comet is expected to be very visible.
© Foto: Rudi Kain Photografie: Goiserer Hütte bei Bad Goisern
Goiserer Hütte bei Bad Goisern
2. Stay in a mountain hut

What makes spending the night in a mountain hut so extraordinary? It’s the untouched nature, the fresh, crisp air and the alpine allure. It’s the stunning views surrounded by the quiet and isolation of the mountains. Plus, it’s the cosy ambience and traditional fare, complete with delightful alpine treats. These elements combine to offer the ultimate in deep relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Our tip: Set your alarm and leap out of bed at dawn! Experiencing a sunrise high in the mountains, against a backdrop of awe-inspiring landscapes, is truly memorable.

Huts for overnight stays

© Foto Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Robert Maybach: Junge Festivalbesucher tanzen vor einer Konzertbühne
Junge Festivalbesucher tanzen vor einer Konzertbühne
3. Attend a summer festival

This year’s festival season in Upper Austria promises to be a vibrant tapestry of colours. What takes your fancy? Moving to the rhythms of Parov Stelar at “Lido Sounds” in Linz? Swinging to brass music at the “Woodstock der Blasmusik” in the Innviertel region? Or maybe singing along to the world’s finest operettas at the “Lehár Festival” in Bad Ischl? Jazz aficionados can immerse themselves in the exquisite sounds at the “INNtöne Jazz Festival”. Musical lovers are in for a delight at the Steyr Music Festival, showcasing “The Rocky Horror Show” this year. And classical music enthusiasts will feel as though they’ve ascended to seventh heaven at this year’s Bruckner Festival.


Festivals, stages & traditions

© Foto Oberösterreich Tourismus/Urlaubsregion Vitalwelt/Tom Son: Elisabeth Grabmer bereitet an einem Tisch im Gastgarten der Waldschänke ein Dessert.
Elisabeth Grabmer bereitet an einem Tisch im Gastgarten der Waldschänke in Grieskirchen ein Dessert.
4. Dine at a gourmet restaurant

Indulge in something truly special this year: relish culinary brilliance at one of Upper Austria’s esteemed gourmet restaurants, where exceptional culinary talents whip up creative and unparalleled dishes of the highest calibre that tantalise the senses — all delivered by impeccable service staff. An indescribable and unforgettable dining experience awaits. The ambience in our gourmet restaurants varies from traditional to luxurious — always inviting, with an air of exclusivity and sophistication.

Pick any restaurant you like but be warned: you may not want to leave!

All gourmet restaurants in Upper Austria

© Foto Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/MaxMauthner: Ein Pärchen wandert auf der Gsengscharte, im Hintergrund der Buchstein
Ein Pärchen wandert auf der Gsengscharte, im Hintergrund der Buchstein
5. Trek on a long-distance trail or pilgrimage route

Set off on an inward journey and just walk. Contemplate life’s meaning or pursue a path of spiritual inquiry. Upper Austria is a haven for those seeking answers.

Be it tracing St. Wolfgang Way from Bavaria to the Salzkammergut region, navigating St. John’s Pilgrimage Route through the Mühlviertel region, embarking on the Lynx Trail through Kalkalpen National Park or exploring any of the myriad other pilgrimage and long-distance trails: Upper Austria is your gateway to an extraordinary trekking adventure.

Long-distance trails in Upper Austria

© Foto Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Robert Maybach: Picknick am malerischen Hinteren Langbathsee im Salzkammergut.
Vier Freunde machen am bewaldeten Ufer des Vorderen Langbathsees ein Picknick. Drei Personen sitzen am Boden und unterhalten sich, eine Frau geht durchs seichte Wasser. Brot und Steckerlfische auf einem weißen Tuch, Rucksack und Bekleidung liegen neben den Personen am Boden. Im Hintergrund Wald und hoch steile Berge.
6. Enjoy a lakeside day

The pristine lakes of the Salzkammergut region transform into a summer haven for aquaphiles. Dive, sail, surf, kite or explore underwater to your heart’s content. A lakeside promenade walk, dining on fish skewers and the lake sunset craft an unforgettable summer day.


Swimming lakes in Upper Austria

© Foto Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Robert Maybach: Ein golden funkelnder Schatz - Bier aus Oberösterreich.
Der Brauer steht im Sudhaus vor dem Sudkessel, hebt ein volles Glas Bier gegen das Licht und prüft kritisch das Getränk.
7. Brew your own beer

Beer enthusiasts take note! Brewing your own beer is simple and yields delicious results in Upper Austria. Learn the craft from master brewers in our breweries and soon gather your own brewed treasure. 

Brewing workshops are hosted by “Braucommune Freistadt” in the Mühlviertel region, “Brauerei Ried” and “Beer Buddies” in Tragwein and for the keen learner, “Linzer Bier” even offers a Beer University.

Breweries in Upper Austria

© Foto Nationalpark Kalkalpen/Sonja Schäfer: Eine Frau und ein Mann wandern im Nationalpark Kalkalpen.
Eine Frau und ein Mann wandern im Nationalpark Kalkalpen auf einem Steig, links vom Steig befindet sich Wald, rechts ein steiler Felsabbruch
8. Visit a national park

Kalkalpen National Park is a wilderness in the heart of Europe. Here, nature is sovereign, free to flourish and evolve unfettered and wild. 

Immerse yourself in this unique natural wonder, whether by foot on the Lynx Trail, mountain biking on the TRANS NATIONALPARK TOUR, on horseback or led by a national park guide. 

Kalkalpen National Park

Top 16 experiences in the Kalkalpen National Park 

© Foto: Kulturhauptstadt Bad Ischl – Salzkammergut 2024 GmbH/Sophie Köchert
Gondel einer Seilbahn auf einer grünen Wiese
9. Experience the European Capital of Culture 2024

The “European Capital of Culture Bad Ischl — Salzkammergut 2024” offers around 200 projects spanning artistic, local and international spectacles. The main exhibit “im sudhaus” in Bad Ischl delves into salt, water and wood through diverse media. The “Salt Lake Cities” initiative invites artists to reinvigorate disused train stations with their art. “SOLENAUT*INNEN” offers an interstellar journey from the comfort of a saltwater floating facility, complete with a 360° fulldome for transcendent, weightless relaxation.


European Capital of Culture 2024

© Foto Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Nicole Kubiak: Eine Frau sitzt am Gipfel des Signalkogels und blickt hinunter zum vorderen Langbathsee
Eine Frau sitzt am Gipfel des Signalkogels und blickt hinunter zum vorderen Langbathsee, sie greift sich dabei in die Haare
10. Enjoy spectacular summit views

There’s nothing quite like the exhilaration of standing atop a summit, surveying the landscape and taking a deep, fulfilling breath.

Whether it’s reaching a peak on foot, climbing a via ferrata to the summit or enjoying a cable car ride to a scenic viewpoint. Here’s your guide to memorable summit adventures: 

Hiking in Upper Austria

Mountainbiking in Upper Austria