Water sports in Upper Austria

Make a splash in your element

Lakes that are perfect for sports both on and under the water; lakes with water so fresh you could even drink from them. Leisurely bathing spots for cooling off after a strenuous mountain tour, or for diving into some watery fun with the kids. Not to mention the white waters and thundering rivers where adventure is close at hand. Upper Austria has many a surprise in store for water sports enthusiasts.

Hot water from deep springs feeds the thermal spas of Upper Austria. In addition to its healing effect, it also provides a feeling of profound relaxation and peace.

Wild or tame – water sports in Upper Austria's rivers and lakes

When you think of lakes, you must have the Salzkammergut in mind. There are exactly 76 lakes nestled here in a picturesque mountain landscape. Some are very well known and can't be missed due to their sheer size; others are small and often hidden in remote mountain valleys. Attersee, the biggest inland lake in Austria, is one of the most popular freshwater diving spots. Traunsee is a paradise for sailors and surfers. The turquoise Wolfgangsee paints a divine picture, while Mondsee is one of the warmest bathing lakes in the region. If you're looking for somewhere to go kiteboarding, water skiing or wakeboarding, the lakes of the Salzkammergut are all top destinations.

The holiday region of Pyhrn-Priel and the Kalkalpen National Park are, however, the first choice for true adventure. Here, the elemental force of water has carved out valleys through the limestone of the mountains. Numerous providers have thus specialised in taking adventurous souls onto the region's wild waters by kayak, canoe or rafting boat.

© Foto: Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Stefan Mayerhofer: Lisa Farthofer bei Vorbereitungen zum Rudern in Ottensheim in Oberösterreich
Lisa Farthofer bei Vorbereitungen zum Rudern in Ottensheim in Oberösterreich

Incredibly Moving
Rowing in Upper Austria


Waterbodies like the Danube, Traunsee or Irrsee are perfect for rowing - whether in a regatta, on a rowing tour or simply having a go.

One convincing argument in favour of getting into rowing: it is one of the best sports in the world for fitness.

Swimming in Upper Austria

Bathing in lakes, rivers or outdoor pools

Lakes with crystal-clear, clean water in idyllic locations offer the promise of adventure and romantic sunsets.

Murmuring streams and rivers invite you to dip your toes.