© Foto: Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Neuhofer Angelika/Privat: Nacht-Tauchgang bei Nussdorf am Attersee
Nacht-Tauchgang bei Nussdorf am Attersee
Nacht-Tauchgang bei Nussdorf am Attersee

Diving in Upper Austria

Discover the fascinating underwater world while diving in Upper Austria. Because in this paradise for diving enthusiasts, the crystal-clear waters offer the best visibility and even outstanding drinking water quality. The varied landscape under the water ranges from steep walls to angular boulders and offers an impressive backdrop for adventurous diving excursions. In addition, the rich underwater fauna and flora make every dive an unforgettable experience - whether in Lake Attersee, Lake Traunsee, Lake Mondsee or Lake Wolfgangsee or in the diverse diving areas of the other lakes and rivers in our country. Dive down and experience the beauty under water.

© Foto: Harald Hois: Flusstauchen in Oberösterreich
Flusstauchen in Oberösterreich

While sailors, surfers and kiters enjoy the landscape around the Salzkammergut lakes on the surface, divers appreciate the tranquillity of the lake below. There is not much to see of mountains and steel-blue skies here. The landscape is completely different.

Divers can indulge in their hobby extensively, especially in the Salzkammergut lakes. Numerous diving centres and filling stations can be found around the 22 km long Attersee. Fascinating worlds beneath the surface of the water invite you to dive deep: Sunken relics of ancient times, spectacular cliffs and unique flora and fauna. Your contact: the Attersee Diving Competence Centre is on hand to help and advise passionate underwater sports enthusiasts.

© Foto: Franz Hajek: Amerikanische Flusskrebse am Löss beim Flussschnorcheln am Traunfall
Amerikanische Flusskrebse am Löss beim Flussschnorcheln am Traunfall

More underwater jewels

Other underwater jewels are not hard to find in the Upper Austrian lake district: From Lake Traunsee with its impressive steep walls, to the deep black Lake Hallstättersee, to Lake Mondsee and Lake Wolfgangsee, which boast pleasantly warm water temperatures.

But the rivers of Upper Austria, such as the Traun, Steyr, Enns & Co, are also excellent for diving. Thrilling currents, narrow caves, unexpected overhangs, graceful grottos and sparkling waterfalls. Discover the fascination of river diving for yourself!

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