© Foto Salzkammergut Tourismus/Kerschbaumer Katrin: Sonnenuntergang am Attersee
Ein Segelboot am Attersee im Sonnenuntergang.
Ein Segelboot am Attersee im Sonnenuntergang.

Sailing: In the wind
of freedom.


Sailing in Upper Austria

Discover the unrivalled beauty of sailing in Upper Austria, where glistening lakes and picturesque landscapes create a true paradise for water sports enthusiasts. With numerous lakes, including the idyllic Attersee, the picturesque Traunsee, the warm Mondsee and the majestic Wolfgangsee, Upper Austria offers a unique backdrop for unforgettable sailing experiences. Whether you are an experienced sailor or a beginner, the waters of this region invite you to enjoy relaxing cruises and exciting sailing adventures. Find out more about the best sailing areas, nautical events and everything you need for a perfect sailing experience in Upper Austria.

A sailing paradise in the centre of Austria

The lake region in the south of Upper Austria - the Salzkammergut - not only offers an impressive backdrop, but also ideal conditions for sailing activities.

Where the wind blows from

The Attersee, Traunsee, Wolfgangsee and Mondsee, for example, are well-known among sailors. They offer the best conditions for sailing. The wind, which is very important for sailors, blows so steadily here that the locals give it names."Rosenwind" on Lake Attersee and the "Viechtauer" on Lake Traunsee can give a sailing boat quite a bit of speed. It is therefore only understandable that the best sailing athletes in the world gather at Lake Traunsee every year to compete in fast races.

© Foto Salzkammergut Tourismus/Kerschbaumer Katrin: Sonnenuntergang am Attersee
Ein Segelboot am Attersee im Sonnenuntergang.

The Traunsee Week

As the host of the largest sailing event in the whole of Austria, the Traunsee Woche, Lake Traunsee has made a name for itself among sailors far beyond its borders. Not only because it is the deepest lake in Austria, but also because the crystal-clear lake in the Salzkammergut region with its good wind conditions offers ideal conditions for amateur and professional sailors, making it the perfect place for the Traunsee water sports arena, which has established itself here with its specialists for all kinds of fresh and wet fun - including sailing.

There is concentrated sailing power every year at the Traunsee Week. A true event marathon attracts hundreds of participants from popular sports in boats of various classes and many international sailing stars to Upper Austria every year.

© Foto: Oberoesterreich Tourimsu/Erber: Segeln am Traunsee
Ein Boot seegelt im blauen Wasser des Traunsees vor dem mächtigen Traunstein

Sailing schools and other tips

Would you like to try sailing yourself? Numerous sailing schools prepare beginners for their first sailing trip across Upper Austria's lakes. But even advanced sailors can still learn something new: all kinds of tips and tricks from the sailing instructors ensure even more sailing fun on Attersee, Mondsee, Wolfgangsee & Co.


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© Foto Salzkammergut Tourismus, Kerschbaumer Katrin; Schwimmen im Mondsee
Eine Frau und ein Mann schwimmen im Mondsee, sie schwimmen und blicken Richtung Schafberg. Vor ihnen ist ein Segelboot.