Holidays in Upper Austria

Before you lies a region whose varied landscape can always be relied upon to deliver inspiring experiences. A cultural melting pot, constantly bubbling with new developments. A region that radiates vitality and is both surprisingly authentic and invigorating. A rich tapestry of mountains, lakes and forests.

All the way from the Salzkammergut – the land of the summer retreat – to the rolling hills of the Mühlviertel, the dynamic capital city Linz on the banks of the Danube and the Alps of the Pyhrn-Priel region. Our guests know us for our relaxed, friendly nature and value our family focus as well as our superb local cuisine.

Anton Bruckner 2024

Upper Austria is the home of Anton Bruckner. Born in Ansfelden in 1824, he developed his musical interests at St Florian Monastery, where he was trained and his talent was nurtured. In Linz, he became much celebrated for his improvisation skills as an organist and developed into a composer with a distinctive musical language. In 2024, to mark the 200th anniversary of Bruckner’s birth, the whole of Upper Austria will be the stage for a rich variety of celebrations of this exceptional artist and fresh thinking about him and his work.

The Jubilee Year
© Foto Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Robert Maybach: St. Florianer Sängerknaben posieren neben einer Büste Anton Bruckners.
St. Florianer Sängerknaben posieren im Stift St. Florian nebenrund um eine Büste Anton Bruckners.

Salzkammergut 2024 - European Capital of Culture

For the first time in the history of the European Capital of Culture competition, the title for 2024 has been granted to an entire region. Twenty-two municipalities in the Salzkammergut have joined forces behind the lead town of Bad Ischl to form a Capital of Culture Region. Together, they are embarking on a mission to connect through culture. After all, culture is a valuable resource with the power to enhance our lives. In other words: culture is the new salt.

Salzkammergut 2024
© Foto Oberösterreich Tourismus/Bad Ischl/Tom Son: Sightseeing im Park des Theater u. Kongresshauses Bad Ischl im Salzkammergut.
Eine Frau und ein Mann spazieren im Park des Theater u. Kongresshauses Bad Ischl im Salzkammergut.

Incredible experiences.

Upper Austria is like a well-stocked speciality shop where you can find everything that Austria is famous for in condensed form – and this incredibly beautiful corner of the world covers just 11.983 km2. One example is its crystal-clear lakes, and that invigorating feeling of being alive when you dive in. Mountains and forests that awaken the wild in us. Cities that show us today and point the way to tomorrow. Foods that nourish both body and soul. Bubbling thermal baths that warm and revitalise us. Routes that are well-loved but still off the beaten path. Upper Austria is shaped by its many farms but also a successful business location: Fischer brand skis, steel from Voest, and motors made by BMW are sold all over the world.

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In other words, Upper Austria is a speciality shop where you’d like to take as many things along with you as possible. Such as the fresh summer air in the Salzkammergut region, like sparkling wine that never goes flat. The view from the hills of the Mühlviertel region and the towering peaks of Pyhrn-Priel. And cycling along the beautiful curves of the Danube or the charm and contemporary vibe of Linz, the Capital of Culture.



One of the most beautiful outdoor fitness centres in the Alps awaits you in all its majesty. Sometimes it's just tranquil and sometimes it's as wild and rocking as you are. Upper Austria: the sports arena for real natural actors and actresses.


Winter holidays in Upper Austria

Winter can be mild or it can be biting. In any case, Upper Austria is well-equipped for unadulterated winter fun. Ski regions from Dachstein in the south to Hochficht in the north awaken exciting moments in fresh powder snow - whether for families and beginners, sporty ski enthusiasts or passionate freeriders. Revel in a winter holiday at the location that best suits you.

Discover more winter delights in Upper Austria.

If you are looking for your personal winter dream, you will find it in the shortest way in Upper Austria. Live your sport the way you like it. No matter whether you are a family with skiing beginners, a sporty recreational skier, the ultimate freerider or a childlike snowman builder.


Destinations in Upper Austria

In the Salzkammergut region, mountains and lakes come together to form an inspiring backdrop. Then there's the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut. And imperial history. Refreshing summer retreats experienced by Gustav Klimt and others. The holiday region of Pyhrn-Priel stages its mountains as a sports arena, from the World Cup ski region of Hinterstoder in winter to hiking, climbing and adventure in summer. Feel history in every nook of the Danube Valley. Castles and ruins tower atop mountain ridges, pointing the way for wayfarers on the Danube Cycle Trail. And in the midst of it all, the regional capital of Linz, seated on the banks of the Danube. Voted European Capital of Culture in 2009, this UNESCO City of Media Arts pulses with a contemporary culture scene. The highlands of the Mühlviertel promise vast expanses and restorative pleasure. Old artisan crafts and tradition flourish here, constantly reinventing themselves.


Summer freshness rediscovered.

Imposing mountains and stunning lakes, world-famous locales such as the UNESCO World Heritage site of Hallstatt, the charming imperial town of Bad Ischl or St. Wolfgang on the banks of the Wolfgangsee: all are the perfect invitation to rediscover the meaning of a summer retreat.

Dive in and start living, right here and now. You'll soon be rubbing shoulders with the grandeur of past times.

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© Photo: Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Robert Maybach: The Salzkammergut region in Upper Austria
Two bearded men and a blonde woman sit with drinks on a landing stage at Lake Wolfgang in Upper Austria. A woman in a dirndl sits on the back of one of the men, laughing. You can see St. Wolfgang Church and the mountains of the Salzkammergut in the background.


One of the Alps' most beautiful outdoor fitness centres.

Sometimes tranquil and contemplative, sometimes wild and rocky: the mountains of the Pyhrn-Priel region.

Whether on a breathtaking mountain bike tour, on a guided hike in the Kalkalpen National Park or embarking on the labyrinthine paths, one thought and two words will follow you all the way home: incredibly powerful.


Danube Upper Austria.

Moving bends and stirring outlooks.

Go with the flow along the Danube, and discover that the most beautiful way to get from A to B is to follow the curve. Try cycling on the Donauradweg (Danube Cycle Trail) or hiking on the Donausteig (Danube Trail) and you'll see what we mean.

Enjoy the legendary view points, such as the Schlögener Schlinge oxbow, and delight in the charming spots and sophisticated cultural experiences that line the route of this great river.

Danube Upper Austria


Currently anchored in the future.

Linz is a place of transformation. It is evolving; and its visitors evolve with it.

The former steel town is a pulsing cultural institute today and a city that's all the rage. Progress is always on the agenda here. As a UNESCO City of Media Arts, Linz is an international hub of creativity. A city whose open-mindedness and dynamism is tangible wherever you go.

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Precious space for fresh ideas.

Lush green meadows, mystical forests and gentle hills - the "Granithochland" of the Mühlviertel region in the north of the country is the perfect invitation to stretch your legs and exercise your mind.

Refreshingly different, with down-to-earth people who build their "Steinbloßhäuser" stone farmhouses out of granite and whose strong will and determination is forever shaping new things.

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