Health and Wellness in Upper Austria

Invigorate your body and refresh your mind - Upper Austria's thermal springs and health oases cure all kinds of ailments with magical substances such as iodine, brine, sulphur, radon and water. Those who simply want to relax for a few days can choose from a colourful range of wellness offers. The sources of well-being invite you to immerse yourself and revive.

Enjoy the welcoming warmth of our soothing waters

In the colder months, our state's four thermal baths provide a warm welcome to those seeking a few days of comfort: whether wellness, bathing, revitalising massages or simply the chance to relax - hours of bliss await you at our spa centres.

Experience the sandy beaches of the Caribbean at the Therme Geinberg spa resort and the tropical world of the South Seas at the EurothermenResort Bad Schallerbach - in the heart of Central Europe. In the saltwater pools of the EurothermenResort Bad Ischl, the release of tension reaches deep under the skin - with the addition of salt, thermal waters achieve magical results. And speaking of therapeutic thermal waters: with its healing ingredients, the EurothermenResort Bad Hall is, of course, also a top destination - naturally beneficial iodine brine is available here.