© Foto Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Robert Maybach: Den Abend vor dem beleuchteten Ars Electronica Center in Linz ausklingen lassen.
Mehrere Menschen sitzen in der Abenddämmerung vor dem Ars Electronica Center und unterhalten sich. Sie genießen den Sommerabend und den Ausblick auf das rot beleuchtete Museum sowie das beleuchtete Linzer Stadtzentrum und die Nibelungenbrücke.

Danube Upper Austria



Danube Upper Austria
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Holiday in the Danube Region in Upper Austria
There is no other region that is as diversified as the Danube area in Upper Austria. Numerous landscapes that could not be more different accompany you from Passau via Linz to Grein. Besides, breath taking insights and views in a fabulous region are offered to visitors. Magnificent baroque monasteries and castles have formed the Danube just as former fortresses and ruins from the Middle Ages and picturesque towns with plenty of history.
Tip: With the DONAU.Erlebnis Card you get even more out of your holiday. Numerous free services and discounts await you: from tastings at gourmet partners to city and cultural tours or admission to our top excursion destinations and museums. www.donauregion.at/en/donau-card

Cycling Region Danube Upper Austria
In the Danube Region, a bicycle is not just a means of transportation. The bicycle accompanies us as we explore the stories that the Danube and also the Inn know to tell. It takes us from one cultural treasure to the next, waits patiently when we need a break and want to dip our feet in the cool water of the rivers for a moment, and then carries us on again with fresh momentum, to the next encounter, to the next amazement.

Cycling Pleasures on the Danube and Inn Cycle Paths
The Danube and the Inn, the two rivers are true cycling tourism magnets and prime examples of the best cycling infrastructure. It is not without reason that the Danube Cycle Path has been one of the most popular long-distance cycle paths in Europe for years.
If you really want to get into the flow, you can start your bike tour in the charming baroque town of Schärding. From here, you can follow the river along the „Innradweg“ in just 16 kilometers to where it flows into the Danube in Passau. The tour is then about 330 kilometers long from the three-river city of Passau on the Bavarian/Upper Austrian border to the Austrian capital, Vienna. The bike path is mostly developed along both banks and offers cyclists a relaxed cycling pleasure and variety - every day a different highlight. Ferries, bridges and power station crossings connect the north and south banks of the Danube, making it easy to cycle along both banks or return to the starting point of the tour without having to cycle along sections of the route twice. Ideal rounds for day trips - from home or from the vacation resort. www.donauradweg.at

Exploring the country around the Inn and Danube Cycle Paths

You've never seen the Danube like this before: On 15 circular tours between Schärding and Grein, you not only cycle along the rivers Danube and Inn, but also branch off into the surrounding countryside of the region. On a voyage of discovery through the Danube region, you leave some metres of altitude behind and are rewarded with dreamlike views from the ridges onto the spreading river landscape. So why not leave the Danube Cycle Path and return to the starting point along the river via a loop with completely new perspectives on the countryside? The new cycling tours are particularly suitable for enjoyable cycling excursions on an e-bike and not only lead to natural and cultural treasures worth seeing. They also invite you to meet people: Handicraft businesses with a long tradition, chefs with a great love of enjoyment or producers and direct marketers who are bubbling over with new ideas. Cider that tickles the tongue, chocolates made from hand-scooped chocolate or tasty cheese specialities. For all those who have already cycled along the Danube Cycle Path several times and now want to discover the entire cycling region between the Inn and the Danube. www.donauregion.at/en/cycling
Hiking Region Danube Upper Austria
Hiking in the Danube region means getting involved with nature and discovering the different types of landscape. From the wooded banks in the Upper Danube Valley to the fertile plains in the Eferding Basin and Machland to the rugged rock formations in the once-feared „Strudengau“: the breathtaking natural landscape is to be conquered step by step, spying incredible panoramic views of the river from above in between. The network of paths in the Danube region consists of the 450 km long „Donausteig“, which is a long-distance hiking trail whose stages stretch from Passau via Linz to Grein on both banks of the river, 49 Donausteig rounds into the Danube countryside and numerous other regional hiking trails. To avoid getting lost in the huge network of trails in the Upper Austrian Danube region, the four-part map set provides a good overview of the entire hiking region.
For families with children an adventure playground, for pleasure hikers pure hiking bliss, for the conscious a meaningful natural paradise and for trail runners an incredible place of strength – that is the Donausteig. For more many years, the Danube Trail has been offering all hikers extraordinary insights and views of the equally varied and captivating landscapes along the Danube under the motto "simply fabulous". Whether during an eventful time-out in the forest, a pleasurable deceleration in untouched nature or well-being days at the power spots in the Danube valley, hiking in the Danube region gets life energies flowing again. The Danube region in Upper Austria is like a treasure map that needs to be explored. Whether on

  • panoramic or pleasure hikes
  • forays through gorges and ravines,
  • short city walks or
  • meaningful pilgrimage tours

the network of paths is comprehensive and structured in such a way that it offers something for every type of hiker.
And if you are looking for a challenge: the Donausteig is also ideal for trail runners! Sweat-inducing exercise and top athletic performance in the midst of a dreamlike landscape and fabulous panoramic views - a perfect mix! www.donauregion.at/en/hiking
Healthy in the flow of the Danube
In the Danube region there are power spots with incredible radiance. Here it is especially easy to come to rest and devote oneself to one's own health. Exercise in nature, cool water that activates and gets the spirits going, plus stimulating aromas of local medicinal herbs... In the first-class health centers in the Upper Austrian Danube region, people reflect on the teachings of traditional European medicine, on the rejuvenating power of nature, on the cleansing effect of therapeutic fasting and herbal detox. Under professional guidance and in a soothing ambience, you will feel reborn after a few days of health vacation on the Danube! www.donauregion.at/en/health

Draw from the Danube as a source of strength

Vacation in the Danube region also means vacation for body and soul. The word wellness – what does it actually mean? Bathing, sauna, massages – yes, of course! But not only. On the Danube, the focus is on holistic recreation and well-being. The four elements also play an essential role: fire, water, air and earth can be felt in the wellness oases of the Upper Austrian Danube region and promise feelings of well-being. It should be sustainable, so that you can find your way back to a relaxed everyday life even after your vacation and get your life energies flowing again. www.donauregion.at/en/wellness

City experiences

In the Danube region, wander through the past while experiencing the moment in the here and now: the picturesque „Silberzeile“ in Schärding with its colorful facades is a reminder of craft guilds that date back to the Middle Ages. In Enns, the Romans left their truly impressive mark. The historic town of Eferding, on the other hand, is located in the middle of Austria's vegetable garden, and Perg has made a name for itself as a lively shopping and event city. The former shipping town of Grein is considered the pearl of the Strudengau region, which used to be so dangerous. Today, these charming towns are insider tips for a relaxed shopping stroll in the historic alleys and streets, an inspiring visit to a museum or a break in the cozy guest garden with coffee, cake and homemade ice cream. www.donauregion.at/staedte

UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Danube Limes

The Danube is a river that has always attracted cultures. For over 450 years, the Danube/Danuvius was the northern border of the Roman Empire. In 2021, the western part of the wet border – the Danube Limes – was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the Danube Upper Austria you can immerse in the eventful history of the Romans on the river and discovers which traces they left behind and which can still be felt and experienced today.  With its legionaries, craftsmen and farmers, its architecture, forts and baths, the Roman Empire left its mark on our country and has left lasting traces. The main base was "Lauriacum", a legionary camp in the area of today's Enns. From here, the Roman military directed a network of forts and bases to protect the border, from Linz to Schlögen and Oberranna in the Upper Danube Valley. But the Limes was by no means as impermeable as one would like to believe, because trade flourished. More
Together in the realm of adventure
In the Danube Region you can be free as a child again and enjoy the vacation as a family. Fulfill your dream of spending the night in a tree house far above the treetops of the forest. To romp in the huge adventure park, to explore nature consciously and to completely lose track of time. In the Danube Region Adventure Kingdom, stressful everyday life, rushing and having to do things are left outside. Here in the Danube Region you can be free and exuberant, have carefree fun and grow together again as a family. More
Excursion destinations
In the Danube Region there are numerous exciting excursion destinations that are always worth a visit! Let's go on an adventure and be amazed! www.donauregion.at/en/top-destinations
Water experiences
A variety of Danube cruises and excursions on the Danube and Inn are offered on the Upper Austrian Danube between Schärding, Passau and Grein. Explore the landscape and towns from the water and catch fascinating views of castles and ruins built centuries ago on the ridge of the Danube valley. More
Danube Apps
Explore the Danube with your smartphone. There are free apps for anyone who wants to explore the Danube region interactively. Click here for all apps
Activities in the Danube Region – getting into flow with the Danube
On the following pages we invite you to get to know the river, the land and the people of this important Danube landscape in depth. This is what you can experience in the Danube region: www.donauregion.at/en/activities-at-the-danube