Travel to Upper Austria by train

Upper Austria is linked directly to the high-speed European rail network via Austria's western railway section from Vienna via Linz to Salzburg and onwards to Munich.

There are fast, comfortable long-distance connections to Germany, Italy and Hungary. ICE connections every 2 hours from Central and Northern Germany via Nuremberg and Passau make Upper Austria easy to reach by train. There are direct ICE connections from Hamburg, Hannover, Cologne or Frankfurt which stop at Wels and Linz. There is also a Railjet service every 2 hours direct from Munich to Linz. From the new Vienna Hauptbahnhof, or main railway station, there are hourly trains to Linz taking just 1 hour 16 minutes; from Vienna airport they take just 1 hour 43 minutes.

© Reisezeitenkarte der ÖBB
Reisezeitenkarte der ÖBB

Several times a day you can also get from Prague to Linz by train in about 4 hours. There are also train connections from Budweis to Linz and via the Pyhrnbahn from Graz and Slovenia. With the ÖBB timetable information you can easily search for your desired connection!


© Streckennetz der ÖBB Nightjet Verbindungen in Europa.
Streckennetz der ÖBB Nightjet Verbindungen in Europa.

ÖBB Nightjet to Upper Austria

The train runs, the passengers sleep. The overnight journey in the ÖBB Nightjet is a comfortable, time-saving and climate-friendly way to get to your holiday destination in Upper Austria.

In the meantime, many major European cities in Germany and Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy have been integrated into the growing ÖBB Nightjet route network - Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Genoa, Hamburg, Cologne, Milan, Paris, Rome, Venice and Zurich - and are now only one night away from Upper Austria's capital Linz.