© Foto: Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Robert Maybach: Landschaft im Mühlviertel
Grüne Hügellandschaft im Mühlviertel

Masks mandatory

Since 16 April 2022, the obligation to wear an FFP2 mask applies only in the following areas:

  • in public means of transport and taxis and in enclosed spaces of associated stations, platforms, stops, railway stations and airports;
  • in customer areas of the vital trade in enclosed spaces, such as:
    • grocery shops (including outlets of food producers) and direct farm marketers;
    • public pharmacies and drugstores and drugstores;
    • Sale of medical products and sanitary articles, remedies and aids;
    • Sale of animal feed and use of veterinary services;
    • Agricultural trade including animal auctions as well as the horticultural business and the land product trade with seeds, fodder and fertilisers;
    • petrol and electricity filling stations and car washes;
    • banks;
    • Postal service providers including their postal partners and telecommunications providers;
    • Tobacco shops and newsagents;
    • Hygiene and cleaning services;
    • Waste disposal companies;
    • car and bicycle repair shops;
  • in shopping centres and market halls in which (also) establishments of vital trade are located;
  • in establishments for the practice of religion;
  • in old people's and nursing homes as well as in-patient residential facilities for the disabled;
  • in hospitals and convalescent homes and other places where health services are provided;
  • in administrative authorities and administrative courts when dealing with parties.

In the areas listed above, the obligation to wear an FFP2 mask also applies to owners, operators and employees in direct contact with customers, unless the risk of infection can be minimised by other suitable protective measures, such as partitions or Plexiglas walls.

In addition, it is recommended to wear an FFP2 mask in all other means of transport, business premises and other places in enclosed spaces.