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Enjoy the view in Upper Austria

Ritterspiele Waxenberg

Waxenberg, Oberösterreich, Österreich
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The Middle Ages, a fascinating time period.

For family celebrations, schools, company parties, club outings, or simply because it's fun! A unique experience with a special flair at Waxenberg Castle. For children as well as adults.

It should be fun to experience medieval history, no matter how imaginative, playful or historically accurate. If they arrive dressed in medieval garb, this can only enrich the festival.

Knightly turnay at the castle

Welcoming the guests in the castle courtyard, with historical information about almost 900 years of Waxenberg.

Storming of the castle! After being divided into groups, everyone is given a tunic and together they storm Waxenberg Castle.

The tournament! As was once the custom at tournaments, the aim is to show skill in various games. The goals scored are entered in a list by a herald. An incentive for the group but also for each individual.

Entry into the Remter / victory celebration

For refreshments after the strenuous tournament, they are expected at the Atzmüller court tavern. Before the refreshments, all guests are familiarised with the table rules, as it is not uncommon for women to be present at the table.

To make sure that the food is free of poisons, the worst person at the table will "voluntarily" carry out the poison test. Afterwards you can indulge in gluttony.

The knighthood. As there is always a winner at the tournament, the "best" is knighted in Waxenberg. Of course, a female can't be knighted, so the "best" is named the Lady of Waxenberg.

The new knight and damsels of Waxenberg will of course receive a trophy as a memento. All participants receive a certificate for their participation.

Bridge toll - prices for Turnay: knights and damsels pay 15 Goldrandtaler, damsels and pages up to the age of 10 receive a free escort, damsels and squires up to the age of 14 pay 10 Goldrandtaler. School groups on request. Groups of less than 10 people pay at least 150 Goldrandtaler.

Catering is provided by our innkeeper in the courtyard tavern. Here you can choose from:
- Dumpling plate for 10 Goldrandtaler
- Bratl'teller for 12 Goldrandtaler
- Knight's platter for 15 Goldrandtaler
You have to choose one!

If you want, there will also be music and jugglers: We know a lot of travelling people. Ask us, we will organise it for you.

Info and booking: ritter@waxenberg.at

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  • Suitable for schools
  • Suitable for kids (all ages)
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Not suitable for wheelchairs. The property is not compliant with Austria's ÖNORM legal standard.


Ritterspiele Waxenberg
Waxenberg 1
4182 Waxenberg

Phone +43 7217 6080
E-Mail ritter@waxenberg.at
Web waxenberg.info/ritter-zue-waxenberg…
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Contact person
Michael Pilz
Waxenberg 1
4182 Waxenberg

Phone +43 7217 6080
E-Mail ritter@waxenberg.at
Web waxenberg.info/ritter-zue-waxenberg/unser-treyben/ritterspiele

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Waxenberg 1
AT-4182 Waxenberg

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