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Enjoy the view in Upper Austria

Geopunktkreis "Lebensmatrix"

Hagenberg im Mühlkreis, Oberösterreich, Österreich
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In summer 2016, the lithopuncture project "Life Matrix" was realised on the land of the Zaunreiter Academy under the direction of Marko Pogačnik as part of a large stone-setting trilogy stretching from Bosnia via Austria to the Czech Republic. Parallel to his peace work(Marko Pogačnik is a UNESCO Artist for Peace 2016 - 2018) in peace workshops in various European locations, Marko developed a concept for a "life workshop", which was finalised with a group at the Zaunreiter Academy in spring 2016. The immediate threat to the realms of life, from their unmanifest to the material levels, was the reason for this.

Reflecting on the matrix of life held as a treasure by Gaia and its archetypes enables a protective reconnection of the aspects of life. By setting stones as lithopuncture (in the sense of acupuncture - the stone acts as an impulse generator on a certain point of the landscape body, supported by a cosmogram, which transmits a certain content or establishes a connection), structured according to the four elements of fire, water, earth and air, all realms of life, from the archetypal to the elemental to the material, are strengthened in their being. Cosmograms are a form of communication between humans, landscape and non-human beings. They are designed in such a way that they can also be perceived and "read" by them.

The great pyramids of Visoko in Bosnia, which were also supported in their awakening process this summer by the setting of stones, represent a unique organ on earth which, among other things, has the potential to stimulate essential new cultural steps, especially for Europe.
The lithopuncture in Vstiš near Pilsen in Bohemia, at the foot of a supra-regional water sanctuary, is dedicated to water as an entity that creates the preconditions for the life matrix to be able to produce embodied forms at all.
The stone circle of the Zaunreiter Academy is located in this fertilising field of tension.

A special feature is the semi-circle of granite boulders that protectively surrounds the inner circle of limestones from the Untersberg, which bear the cosmograms. These boulders from a Waldviertel quarry lay in the earth as they are, ready-made beings of ancient wisdom.
The cosmograms were designed by an international group of artists and geomancers and realised on site.

Many thanks to Andrea Lederle (D), Annette Frederking (D), Brian Newton (USA), Jan Tajboš (CZ), Marko and Marika Pogačnik (SL), Rupert Schmied (A), Simona Čudovan (SL) and Wolfgang Strasser (A).

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Geopunktkreis "Lebensmatrix"
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