© Photo: Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH./Robert Maybach: Enjoy the view in Upper Austria
Enjoy the view in Upper Austria

Zoo Altenfelden and hunting culture museum

Altenfelden, Oberösterreich, Österreich

At animalpark Altenfelden, no two days are the same - more than 1000 animals in more than 200 species make sure of that. With this large number and an area of 80 hectares, it is the largest private animal park in Austria. Exotic people feel just as comfortable in the Mühlviertel as old domestic and farm animal breeds.

A special experience in the zoo is the live cheetah feeding, which takes place from 1 May to 31 October, every day at 15:00 o‘clock. When feeding, you also learn a lot of interesting facts about the fastest land predators in the world.


Hunting Culture Museum "cultum venandi"

Opened in 2019, the Hunting Culture Museum "cultum venandi" at animalpark center aims to introduce visitors to the history, culture and tradition of hunting. More than 80 exhibits and information boards can be viewed in the museum:
The development of the hunt from the Stone Age to today can be read as well as hunting laws and hunting facts. Curious trophies, rare rarities: among others a deer catcher of Emperor Franz Joseph, old and new hunting weapons are also exhibited.
Everything about falconry, the hunting language and the importance of hunting dogs have also got their place in the new museum. A highlight is a lifelike reproduction of a native landscape with many animal preparations. Or you can follow in the footsteps of myths and legends, learn more about the hunting gods and immerse yourself in a fable world.


Owl path with owl nature trail Semita Noctua

In October 2019 the new owlpath with nature trail "Semita Noctua" was opened. It is intended to explain visitors closer the life of native owl species, especially school groups, by information boards. With the owlpath also the species protection program "resettlement of the uralowl in Austria" is started.


Wonderfully walkable

See and walk: Nestled in the hills of Upper Mühlviertel, the area is already incredibly attractive. There are two different trails. The smaller round takes about 2 hours and is designed so that you can get pass all the animals.

He is even with the stroller easily passable and dogs are allowed to lead on a leash. For hiking enthusiasts, there is a larger circular walk with 4 to 5 hours walking time. This leads through a gate in the small Mühltal and the Rabenstein, a rock formation that is second to none. But there is also the possibility to take a slow train from the center to the parking lot.


Children's attractions – Large playground

The playground area is particularly large and eventful. It is located in the center of the area. Near the large beer garden or buffet, the parents have an eye on their offspring. Right next to it, the little children can ride on ponies.

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