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Enjoy the view in Upper Austria

Frischling chapel

Tiefgraben am Mondsee, Oberösterreich, Österreich
​In 1777 the piglet-farmer drove with an ox-team to Mondsee. When driving downhill in the area of ​​the current hospital street, the oxen went through. In the accident, the farmer came away with a leg fracture relatively lenient. ​What is usually good to treat today was an injury that meant crippling or death. The two daughters Kreszenzia and Walpurga vowed to build a chapel if the father would be well again. The latter occurred. The wooden chapel was built in the forest. Regularly they came together for prayer. A thorough cleaning was done at the end of April. The family then put on the Maikranz and prayed there every day in May the rosary. In the 50s the chapel burnt down at the end of May. The cause of the fire is not clear. Presumably, when the candles were blown out, the Maikranz was brought to the Glosen by a spark. When the fire was discovered, the chapel was beyond salvation. Only one picture was found later - heavily damaged - in the ashes. It commemorates the founding of the chapel. Two women (Kreszenzia and Walpurga) can be seen under the image of the Mother of God, the year 1778. This picture is currently hanging in the apartment of Mrs. Elisabeth Mayrhofer (née Frischling). For the family it was clear then that the chapel had to be rebuilt, but at a cheaper place. In 1953, the present chapel on the Zeller Ache was created. An aunt of Mrs. Mayrhofers had cared for a lady in Vienna for many years. From this she had received a large, very valuable picture of Mary with two real gold crowns. This picture should have its place in the chapel, so they were directed to the construction of these dimensions. Unfortunately, this precious picture was stolen. A summer guest donated a new image of Mary, which now hangs in the chapel. A commemorative plaque and pictures are reminiscent of the brothers missing in the war Frischling Josef (1945 in Yugoslavia) and Hans (1944 on the high seas) and the deceased parents. The Schwaighofer family, Bauer vom Frischlinggut, takes care of the flowers and cleanliness of the chapel, where hikers like to rest.
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Frischling chapel
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