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Monestary Chapel

Mondsee am Mondsee, Oberösterreich, Österreich

The Chapel in the monestary, looked after by the order of the Franziskaners has existed since 1894. The history of the School and the kindergarden are closely related.

Josef Peyrhuber who was a Pastor Mondsee around the 1870s and wanted to realise and all Girls School in Mondsee. With Money from charity he was finally able to purchasea Building in the Ludwig Anger Street. That was the beginning of the monastery School in Mondsee.

The teachers were nuns from Vöcklabruck who thought French, playing thepiano and drawing to the Girls.

The School authorities from Austria approved of the School and 65 Girls attended it already in the first year of the Opening in 1871.
Charity Money was raised to Keep the School going.

The second Floor was built in 1894 and was inaugurated in october. Since the 31st of December in 1894. The holy of holiest has been kept in the monastery Chapel ever since. Since 1900 there were four classes in the School and the elementary School was in the Building during the first world war in 1914. The classes 5 and 6 of a Household School was located there in 1930.
In the year 1938 the monastery School was made into an public School. In 1940 an elementary School with 5 classes was located in the Building. The nuns also had to move out and found a new home in the house of Pastor Neubacher. The Chapel and the sewing room were also relocated there.
In october of 1945 the nuns could start educating again. 262 grils and 80 small Kids attended the School. Since 1950 the nuns Held the religious lessons in Mondsee. 13 nuns lived in the convention  and looked after the youth hostel in summer. 262 Schülerinnen und 80 Kleinkinder wurden betreut. In der Zeit lebten 13 Schwestern im Konvent. There was also a Pension there for a few years
In 1971 the private all Girls School closed for good, but the kindgergarden continued thriving. They changed a lot of the Building so it would be a better fit for the kindgergarden, Building finished on the 15th of october in 1990. The Blessing took place on the 17th of January in 1991. The same year Mondsee celebrated 120 kindergarden in Mondsee.

The religious Leadership of the kindergarden ended in September in 2008. Mrs Gabriele Schachinger took over the Leadership. They rebuilt the Building again to have more space for 5 kindergarden Groups and a toddler Group.

The Chapel in the house has been looked after by the nuns ever since. First and foremost by a Woman nicknamed "Monastery Pepi" who had mobility Problems. She was known for her handiwork.


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