© Photo: Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH./Robert Maybach: Enjoy the view in Upper Austria
Enjoy the view in Upper Austria

Nature reserve Irrsee

Zell am Moos am Irrsee, Oberösterreich, Österreich
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One of the oldest nature reserves in Upper Austria.

A Quote from "Protected and Protected Landscapes of Upper Austria, author Bruno Weinmeister, 1967.

The lakes are a noble ornament of our country, as it were, its eyes, in which the sky is reflected. But do we still have the most beautiful eyes when they are sick, inflamed, encrusted? The sense of responsibility for their health and beauty led well to determine the Nature Conservation Act in the second paragraph of the first paragraph, which prohibits all disruptive interventions in a riparian zone of 500m width and beyond in 1959 for the first regulation with which many Of the small lakes have been declared natural reserves.

This exact 50-year-old quote from the series "Landscape of Upper Austria" still has its validity and justification. For many decades the inhabitants of the Irrsee-Ufer have made sure that the lake Irrsee fits idyllically into the natural and cultural landscape. A gentle use by amateur athletes, of course, allowed and even desirable, but you get through a trip by rowing boat or by swimming a special connection to this unique lake. However, a misuse, which was contrary to the protection purpose of the Irrsee, was indeed prevented. No motor boats are allowed on the Irrsee.

The lake Irrsee has been thoroughly investigated by biologists and geologists over many years. In addition to the Irrsee itself, its adjoining landscapes are nature reserves, which harbor an extraordinary diversity of species.

The people who live around the Irrsee are proud to be part of this natural cultural landscape. You dear guest, are warmly welcome once the calm and power of the madness to let itself.

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The best way to explore the Irrsee is to go around it by bike.

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Nature reserve Irrsee
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