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Enjoy the view in Upper Austria

Zeileis Health centre

Gallspach, Oberösterreich, Österreich
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The Zeileis method - unique for over 75 years.

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The Zeileis Institute has been acknowledged worldwide for decades with its unique high-frequency therapy. High-frequency current is used to supply the body with energy and activate the body's own self-healing powers.

For this purpose, a wide range of modern and complementary healing methods are applied in the health center of the climatic health resort Gallspach.  Already in the fourth generation, the Zeileis family doctors and the entire team are personally committed to the healing, prevention and rehabilitation of all patients.

The application of high-frequency currents in medicine was made possible by Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943), the famous physicist, electrical engineer and inventor. For he first presented his Tesla coil - a high-frequency transformer - in 1891, which has been used for medical applications ever since.

In an individually tailored combination with classical treatment methods as well as proven, self-developed healing treatments, it is used in the Zeileis Institute for drug-free treatment.

Phone: +43 7248 / 62351-0

E-mail: institut@zeileis.at

How to get there:
Motorway/Federal Highway:

On the A8 coming from Passau or Linz - exit Meggenhofen/Gallspach - then continue on the B135 towards Gallspach.


Exit at Wels or Grieskirchen, then take bus or cab to Gallspach.


Airport Linz/Hörsching

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Zeileis Health centre
Valentin-Zeileis-Straße 33
4713 Gallspach

Phone +43 7248 62351
E-Mail institut@zeileis.at
Web www.zeileis.at

Contact person
Dr. Martin Zeileis
Institut Zeileis GmbH & Co KG
Valentin-Zeileis-Straße 33
4713 Gallspach

Phone +43 7248 62351
E-Mail institut@zeileis.at
Web www.zeileis.at

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