© Foto: Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Martin Fickert: Die Sängerin AVEC am Attersee
Die Sängerin AVEC am Attersee
© Foto: Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Martin Fickert: Die Sängerin AVEC
Die Sängerin AVEC

Soulful retreat back at home

Her voice embodies passion and pace. Driven, energetic — there’s even a touch of excitement in her tone. And above all, empathy resonates deeply. Singer and songwriter AVEC, known exclusively by her stage name, is irresistibly likeable. We meet the charming artist at one of her power spots, Lake Attersee.

AVEC is, in fact, a seasoned pro in the music business, even in her twenties. She has already scooped up numerous national and international music awards, firmly establishing herself in the Austrian music scene. Yet, no one would guess her acclaim at first glance, as she strolls along the promenade of Lake Attersee: button-nosed, straightforward, and unpretentious.

On her stroll, she occasionally stops to enjoy the unusually warm wind on her face and chat with fans. In the background, the gentle silence of the lake prevails. The mountains glisten across the water like crinkled chocolate wrappers. Our meeting place today: The Yacht Club Attersee. Here, in Upper Austria, AVEC finds relaxation and a sense of belonging. This love for her home resonates in her album “Homesick”, written in Berlin, a city where her longing for home was especially profound.

What touches you so deeply about Upper Austria that you dedicated an entire album to your home province?

I wrote a song called “Home”, which is about a specific person. Where I truly feel at home is definitely with my family. And when I step outside and find myself in the midst of a forest, or by a crystal-clear lake, that’s when I feel free. There, I don’t have to be someone I’m not — no need to contort myself. I can just be me. That’s what home means to me.

I also feel that people from Upper Austria are magnetically connected to each other for some reason. They always find their way back to each other, no matter where they are. I’m often in Vienna and there I’ve met more people from Upper Austria than from Vienna itself. That says a lot about the character of people here. They attract each other and need each other.

For me, home is a feeling. It’s a mix of people and places.

Your voice is very unique. How would you describe it yourself?

(laughs) Oh! I can’t really listen to myself. It’s very hard for me to describe it. I actually realised quite late that my voice might be something special. During a theatre course at school, I received a lot of positive feedback on stage and for my voice, and then I realised: “Hey! People like this.” Eventually, I got the feeling that people enjoyed it.

© Foto: Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Kidizin Sane: Sängerin AVEC
Sängerin AVEC

That sounds very modest…

Maybe. I grew up very down to earth, and it’s important for me to stay that way. Because nothing in life should be taken for granted. It’s been a long journey to get here, and I’ve been in this business professionally for several years now. And it can be a very tough industry. That’s why I appreciate still being able to do what I’m passionate about as an artist. The COVID-19 pandemic was insane for the arts sector. I am grateful that I can still practice and enjoy my profession.

Where and how do you live?

I still live at home in Vöcklabruck with my mum. We have a very special relationship, and it’s kind of like living in a shared flat at times.

Your band name is French, your songs are in English: have you ever considered singing in your Austrian dialect?

That would definitely be interesting. I sing in English because I’ve always been fascinated by the language, grew up with English-language music and I feel more myself in English. I’ve never really considered singing in my dialect, but it would certainly be intriguing. I really like the Upper Austrian dialect. Singing in English also brings feedback from all over the world, which is nice. In the digital age, it’s much easier to connect and position oneself internationally, but most of my fans naturally come from the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

You say you’re shy and don’t enjoy the stage as much as the studio…

I now feel very, very comfortable on stage. It’s an amazing feeling to see the emotions of the audience. You could never replicate the magic of a concert. I’m planning several concerts — details have already been posted online.

© Foto: Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Martin Morscher: Sängerin AVEC
Sängerin AVEC

On the tracks of AVEC in Upper Austria