© Foto: Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Martin Fickert: Bierjuwel Oberösterreich
© Foto: Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Martin Fickert: Feierabendbier mit Freunden
Feierabendbier mit Freunden

11 unique beer experiences in Upper Austria

Not only the Danube flows through Upper Austria — there also flows an abundance of liquid gold in all its hues. Embark on a journey of discovery in this beer lover’s paradise, which boasts more breweries than any other province in Austria. We’ve curated 11 exceptional experiences, each celebrating the rich cultural heritage of beer in Upper Austria.

Ride the Foam Carousel

Karl Zuser, the charismatic host of Biergasthof Riedberg, is a celebrated figure among beer enthusiasts. His infectious passion for beer has even converted the staunchest of beer sceptics.

The “Foam Carousel” is Zuser’s latest innovation, offering an immersive three-day beer-tasting experience. Guests are treated to a welcome beer, a daily beer breakfast, a curated beer sampling menu and a unique tasting in the brewery’s one-of-a-kind beer cellar. This adventure is a must for any beer lover seeking to explore the diverse world of beer.

Beer Package

Brew your own beer in Freistadt

Create a memory that will last a lifetime and brew your own beer at the Freistadt Brewery, where traditional brewing methods are still in use. This ensures that the time-honoured art of brewing isn’t forgotten. After a brewing seminar, guests are treated to a brewery tour, beer tasting, hearty beer goulash and a cosy beer to conclude the day. Patience is required, though — the beer needs to mature for five weeks before it can be enjoyed. But when you collect your beer — available in casks or bottles — you’ll find the wait was well worth it.

Braucommune Freistadt

Enjoy a sundowner beer at Lake Attersee

For those craving an outdoor adventure paired with exceptional beer, the Attersee-Attergau region is ideal. Home to four private breweries with passionate brewmasters, this area offers a picturesque setting to enjoy a regional beer while watching the sunset over Lake Attersee.

The art of brewing in the Attersee-Attergau region

Explore the Beer Quarter on a Segway

For over 500 years, beer has been integral to the Mühlviertel region, much like hops are to malt. This hilly cultural landscape, dotted with beautiful hop fields, is perfect for cycling. For those seeking something different, Segway tours offer an exciting way to explore the “Beer World Region”. Starting and ending at the Freistadt Brewery, these tours meander through fields, forests and the old town of Freistadt, concluding with a well-deserved beer.

Segway tour in Freistadt

Visit Austria’s only monastery brewery

Beer and monastic life have long coexisted harmoniously, as evidenced by the Stiftsbrauerei Schlägl monastery brewery, founded in 1580. The spirit of bygone days is still palpable in its ancient cellars, where the stories of monks come alive. A tour of this historic brewery is a must for beer aficionados. It offers a unique glimpse into centuries-old brewing traditions and showcases the production of what is often referred to as Austria’s “most precious beer”.

Stiftsbrauerei Schlägl

Cycle the Granite Beer Route

The ‘Granite Land’ high up in the Mühlviertel region is known for its rolling green hills, clear streams and picturesque valleys. This region, renowned for its granite and expansive hop fields, is ideal for hiking, cycling and mountain biking. The leisurely Granite Beer Route covers 160 kilometres and 4,000 metres of elevation over three days, making it a favourite among cyclists.

Oberösterreich Touristik GmbH offers a package starting at €296.10 per person, which includes three nights in 3-star hotels with e-bike charging facilities, breakfast and luggage transfer.

Package Granite Beer Route



Experience beer on the big screen

On the Raschhofer Brewery’s malt floor, you can watch an exceptional film that recounts the impressive 370-year history of this family-run business. The film highlights the brewing craft and traditions that have been meticulously passed down through generations. The brewery has earned top honours multiple times at the European Beer Award, often referred to as the Oscars of the beer world, showcasing its enduring commitment to excellence.

Brewery Raschhofer

Study at the Beer University

The Linzer Bier brewery, with its 145-year tradition, has found a fitting home at Tabakfabrik Linz. On the first Thursday and Saturday of each month, the brewery offers tours and tastings that provide an in-depth look at their brewing process.

One of the brewery’s unique offerings is the Beer University, where groups of six or more can become brewmasters for a day. For €149 per person, participants receive hands-on instruction in mashing, cooking, cooling and fermenting. The package includes a comprehensive brewery tour, beer tastings, a meal and a tasting box complete with a glass to take home. This immersive experience is perfect for those looking to deepen their appreciation and understanding of the art of brewing.

Linzer Bier


Beer tour with beer snack

Since 1681, Schloss Eggenberg Brewery has been crafting the incomparable “Bier zum Salzkammergut” with meticulous care. Guests at this private brewery experience a blend of innovative beer culture and tradition. Brewery tours provide insights into the brewing process, including the brewhouse, fermentation and lager tanks and conclude with a shared “Bierjause” or beer snack.

Brewery Schloss Eggenberg

Experience Zipfer: from natural hop garden to tasting room

The Zipf Brewery invites guests on an exciting journey through every stage of the brewing process. Fourteen unique beers are crafted here using fresh natural hops, with the brewery still utilising hops in their original, dried form. Tours include a beer tasting and a Zipf souvenir.

Be sure to experience the Cellar Beer Evening every Thursday from July to September, featuring exclusive cellar beer tastings accompanied by live music and culinary delights.

Brewery Zipf

Pedals and pints at the Vitalwelt holiday region

Over 300 kilometres of cycling paths weave through the Vitalwelt holiday region. Whether you prefer classic cycling routes, e-biking or racing, these trails offer gentle inclines, stunning views and charming spots to relax and unwind. After your ride, treat yourself to a delightful beer experience. The Grieskirchen Brewery offers tours of the brewhouse, malt tasting and visits to the bottling hall and lager cellar, culminating in a beer tasting at the cosy Pilsnerei. The second brewery in Grieskirchen, Braufux, is run by three dedicated brewers who have spent a significant part of their lives as brewers, brewmasters and brewery managers. Here, you can taste and purchase beer directly from the brewery, enjoying the full flavour of their expertly crafted brews.


Breweries in Upper Austria

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