Crispy farmer's goose

A classic in autumn cuisine is goose - it tastes best crispy, fresh from the oven.

The inn where the perfect Martinigansl is served in late autumn is also classic, rustic and authentic: Gasthof Marienhof from Kirchdorf am Inn is known far and wide for this speciality, which Reinhard Stockinger serves up around St Martin's Day. And as regionality is particularly important to the innkeepers, it goes without saying that the geese come from the neighbouring Weidehof Helmös farm in Kirchdorf am Inn.

We wish you every success with your Sunday roast!

© Foto: SINNVIERTEL Tourismus/Wolfgang Grilz: Wirt vom Marienhof in Kirchdorf am Inn
Wirt vom Marienhof in Kirchdorf am Inn
© Foto: SINNVIERTEL Tourismus/Wolfgang Grilz: Gebratene Gans vom Marienhof in Kirchdorf am Inn
Gebratene Gans vom Marienhof in Kirchdorf am Inn


1 goose (approx. 3.4 kg) for 4 people


Preparation: 30 min.

Preparation: 150 min. for frying, 15 min. for sauce


  • 1 goose
  • salt
  • pepper
  • marjoram
  • mugwort
  • 0.3 kg root vegetables (carrots, beetroot, celery, onion)
  • 3 tbsp tomato puree
  • 1/4 litre red wine
  • 3 tbsp oil


Cut off the head, neck and wing tips. If necessary, remove any remaining quills from the poultry and remove any fat from the inside.

Rub the inside of the goose with salt, pepper, mugwort and marjoram.


Salt and pepper the outside and prepare a suitable roasting tin.

Pour water into the roasting tin to the height of a finger, place the goose breast-side down and baste constantly while roasting - the water will evaporate and the fat will come out.

Skim off the fat at the end and put the roasting residue to one side.



Fry the diced root vegetables in very hot oil, add the tomato purée, stir and brown, deglaze with red wine, reduce, pour in the roast residue and season to taste.



Carve the goose and serve with bread dumplings and red cabbage or warm bacon and cabbage salad.