© Photo Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Stefan Mayerhofer: On a racing bike through the Alpine foothills in the racing bike region of Wels.
A racing cyclist in sporty cycling clothes and wearing a helmet rides his racing bike through the flat Alpine foothills near Wels. In the background mountains, the Alpine foothills and a large field. In the foreground fruit trees and grass.

Road cycling: a popular sport

The racing bike is the current darling of the cycling world. More and more cyclists are taking to the saddle of the fastest of all bicycles with their minds set on exercise, racking up the miles and enjoying the countryside. And Upper Austria is the ideal location. From stretches of flat roads ideal for racing and tough, hilly routes through to magical tours of lakes and mountains, racing cyclists are in paradise.

Many routes starting in Wels lead into the foothills of the Alps. In the Salzkammergut, an extensive tour of the region's lakes is rewarded with a refreshing plunge into the clear water. The ups and downs of the undulating granite landscapes of the Bohemian Forest promise an enjoyable ride. And in Pyhrn-Priel, mountain passes with challenging climbs and winding descents beckon riders to hit the road.

Road cycling tours in Upper Austria

With its indulgent lakeside routes, mountain passes and winding descents, the Salzkammergut draws cyclists from near and far. In the Mühlviertel region, with its extensive granite landscape, the steady ascents from the Donautal (Danube Valley) up to the Böhmerwald are a popular challenge. And Wels offers an impressive array of well-developed routes. GPS data is available to download for all of our road cycling tours.