© Foto: Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/David Lugmayr: Winterliche uppermoments in Oberösterreich
Winterliche uppermoments in Oberösterreich

Inspiring – the real moments of winter

Some of these moments are a mere blink of the eye: brief, glittering and intense. Others are testament to epic stories and experiences of beautiful winter landscapes. It is those special, authentic moments that inscribe themselves on our memories. So come, experience the magic yourself an discover your very own #uppermoments in Upper Austria.

The happy hour of your life.

The first rays of sun make their way over a mountain ridge, the first to sweep down a freshly prepared slope - these are the moments that inspire you and remain etched in your memory. Bettina Strittl and Irene Trinkl, daughter of former racer Hannes Trinkl, know well just how valuable it is to take the time to appreciate moments like these. The two friends take the time as often as they can to leave their mark on their local ski resort in Hinterstoder. These are the #uppermoments that have made their own mark on their friendship since childhood. Year after year.


Ski area Wurzeralm

Ski area Hinterstoder

Pyhrn-Priel holiday region

Life is a playground.

Memories of childhood are roused and familiar feelings awaken. Andreas Holzinger experiences this when he playfully measures his height against his son's friend, Peter Engl. The two enjoy engaging in a few friendly races, allowing the elder of the pair to rediscover his youth as a former ski racer. And the boy is making strides with each race. There are #uppermoment for everyone on the slopes of the Dachstein West ski region.


Ski area Dachstein-West

Freesports Arena Dachstein Krippenstein

Dachstein Salzkammergut region

When the heart begins jumping for joy.

Those of us lucky enough to be engulfed by a passion push our limits and easily transcend the limits of everyday life. Nothing else matters besides this moment. When Valerie Hammerschmid gets into this flow, she doesn't hesitate. The young woman quietly transforms into a true adrenaline junkie, showing off the tricks she has up her sleeve at Kasberg Funpark. The more daring the jump, the greater her #uppermoment.

Ski resort Kasberg 

Family ski resort Feuerkogel

Traunsee-Almtal holiday region

Winter games – for your inner child

Snow angels, magic carpets and riding the waves – a playful introduction for children learning the fun of life on two skis. And once the desire to make their way down the slopes at their own speed is piqued, #uppermoments are guaranteed to follow – something mama Andrea is pleased about as she makes the trip to the Hochficht with her son Paul. Flashes of her own inner child shine through, conjuring a broad grin on her face. “It’s been a long time since I felt this free,” she says, hitting the next slope with her son. 


Ski resort Hochficht

Böhmerwald region