It’s the real moments that move us

Upper Austria is a region offering unbelievably varied possibilities and landscapes with no end of unique moments. Always different. Always unexpected. Discover something special and real every day and be inspired by your own #uppermoments.

© Foto: Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Patrick Langwallner: Granitlandschaft im Mühlviertel
Granitlandschaft im Mühlviertel




Unbelievably powerful.

Famous for its nature and wild cliffs, the Pyhrn-Priel region lies in the south-east of Upper Austria. It's paradise for ...

  •  Helmut Steinmassl, a passionate climber who knows the mountains like the back of his hand
  • Martina Platzer, who runs a 300-year-old alpine farm and inn, where she serves her guests food made by hand with love and affection
  • Erich Wieland, who explores the mountains on his mountain bike

Experience the Pyhrn-Priel region as you follow in the footsteps of these nature lovers!



UNESCO City of Media Arts.

The former steel city has been transformed into a vibrant cultural melting pot and trendy metropolis. Three fascinating people take you on a tour of their own very special Linz:

  •  Explore the depths of the human body with Franz Fellner
  • Go ethical shopping with Christiane Luible-Bär in the old town
  • Or join Markus Poschner, principal conductor of the Linz Bruckner Orchestra, as he listens to his favourite piece of music

Discover a different Linz!


The Danube in Upper Austria.

Moving curves.

Soak up spectacular views of the Danube at locations such as the "Schlögener Schlinge", and enjoy the river's delightful towns and villages and superb cultural experiences.

  •  Like Michaela Dattinger, who loves walking the Donausteig trail in the Danube Valley so much so that she'll even do it for 24 hours
  • Or professional cyclist Barbara Mayer, who enjoys cycling along the Danube cycle path with her family in her spare time
  • Or globetrotter Gerhard Ebner, who still thinks his own campsite by the Danube is the most beautiful place in the world

Dive into their personal Danube stories.

Danube Upper Austria

The Mühlviertel.

Let your imagination roam.

Lush green meadows, mystical forests and gently undulating hills ... The granite uplands of the Mühlviertel invite you to explore - in your mind and in real life. Discover three people for whom the Mühlviertel always has special moments in store:

  •  Johannes Leitner is a master brewer in Freistadt, a town famous for its beer. He says: "Our beer is a true delight."
  • Mountain biker Claudia Egginger always finds powerful reasons to get moving
  • Ceramics designer Klara Schuster draws her energy from tranquillity

Immerse yourself in their stories as they transport you far and wide.


The Salzkammergut.

The new summer destination.

The stunning mountains and lakes in the Salzkammergut invite you to keep on reinventing and rediscovering this beautiful summer destination for yourself.

  •  Just like award-winning chef Lukas Nagl, who has devoted himself to the delights of regional cuisine
  • Or Bernhard Höll, the founder of the Salzkammergut Mountain Bike Trophy, who likes to let off steam by swimming, cycling and running in his home region
  • Or take expert optician Manfred Pamminger from Bad Goisern, who spends every free moment in "his" mountains

What's your favourite summertime moment?

The Salzkammergut

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