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Grüne Hügellandschaft im Mühlviertel

Regulations for entry tests

Tests and their validity:

  • Negative PCR test: Validity: 72 hours.
  • Negative antigen test from test lane, pharmacy, etc.: Validity: 48 hours
  • NEW:Self-test (digital), recorded in an official data processing system: Validity: 24 hours
  • Point-of-sale test: This on-site self-test must be carried out under the supervision of the operator of the establishment: Valid only for the duration of the stay.


Tests for domestic and foreign guests

  • Please arrive with a test already in your pocket (for foreign guests, proof of testing is required when crossing the border).
  • Antigen rapid tests can be done in public test stations (validity 48 hours; also possible for foreign guests without Austrian e-card).
  • Self-testing under supervision in the municipalities (validity 48 hours; also possible for foreign guests without Austrian E-Card)
  • Self-tests and living room tests with QR code or official registration (valid for 24 hours; note: this test is not valid for crossing the border) - Austrian guests, also from the other federal provinces, can bring these tests from home and also use them on holiday. They are valid throughout Austria.
  • Note: Rapid antigen tests in pharmacies are only available for Austrians with an e-card (validity 48 hours)
  • Point of sale tests are an "emergency solution" for businesses to test guests who cannot show a negative COVID 19 test (validity only in this one business).


Overview of Covid-19 test offers in Upper Austria

This is how the "entrance tests" work
Testing on holiday


  • Can be proven by means of vaccination certificate, vaccination card or printout.
  • The initial vaccination is valid from day 22 after the 1st stitch for a maximum of 3 months from the date of vaccination.
  • The 2nd sting extends the validity period by a further 6 months (i.e. 9 months from the 1st sting).
  • Vaccines where only one vaccination is scheduled (e.g. from Johnson & Johnson) are valid from the 22nd day after vaccination for a total of 9 months from the date of vaccination.
  • For people who have already recovered and have previously been vaccinated once, the vaccination is valid for nine months from the date of vaccination.


  • Absence certificate or medical confirmation (valid for 6 months).
  • Antibody test (valid for 3 months from date of test).