Current information and guidelines on COVID-19 for guests and travellers

The Austrian Federal Government and the Government of Upper Austria have decided on far-reaching measures to contain COVID-19. A lockdown will apply in Upper Austria from 22 November to 17 December 2021, and tourist travel will only be possible again after this period.

Regulations and measures to protect us all valid from 22 November 2021

Can I cancel my holiday?

In the event of cancellation or if you decide not to make your trip, the standard cancellation conditions of the respective accommodation company generally apply. Please contact your accommodation provider or your travel insurance company directly for further information.


Where can I find up-to-date and official information on the current situation around COVID-19?

The Austrian Ministry of Health provides information on its website regarding the current spread of the virus worldwide and on the current situation in Austria. You can also find daily updated information from the Agency for Health and Food Security (AGES) and the Federal government of Upper Austria.


How can I protect myself against potential infection?

Wash your hands several times each day with soap and water or use an alcohol-based disinfectant, cover your mouth and nose with a paper tissue (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze and avoid direct contact with people who are ill. Keep a safety distance of at least 1 meter. In addition, nose and mouth protection must be worn in shops and public means of transport.

For information on transmission, symptoms and prevention, you can also call Austria’s national health number on 1450 or contact the dedicated AGES coronavirus info line 0800 555 621.


If infection is suspected

If you have symptoms or the suspect that you have become infected, put yourself in quarantine and call the health hotline 1450 for further instructions.