© Photo: Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Robert Maybach: Linz in Upper Austria
Linz in Upper Austria

ConventionLand Upper Austria

Why Upper Austria?

Upper Austria offers the perfect environment for conventions, congresses, seminars and events:

  • Upper Austria is diverse – whether you're in the city, on the water or in the countryside. Upper Austria's diversity makes it like a small scale Austria.
  • Upper Austria is innovative – it's a region where education and research are thriving, with universities and colleges offering more than 30 different fields of study.
  • Upper Austria is dynamic – it's an export-oriented industrial state with technology-driven businesses that are often global leaders in their industry.
  • Upper Austria is easily accessible – getting here via the international rail, road and airline network is quick and easy.
© Grafik: Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH: Verkehrsspinne von Oberösterreich
Verkehrsspinne von Oberösterreich

Urban inspiration source

Where the spirit of innovation moves

There's a cool drink in your hand and your face is turned towards the setting sun. You feel relaxed but full of anticipation. Your mind is brimming with new avenues, ideas and approaches. Why? The seminar in the hotel's in-house meeting room, with its all-round view and cutting-edge technology has been inspiring. Stimulating.

Just like the host cities. They're steeped in history yet alive with innovation. They feel like home, yet they're internationally connected. They're bridge-builders. They pulse with life. They teem with museums that have past and future stories to tell. Concert halls with fresh interpretations of age-old music. Or reinventing music and theatre. Bars and restaurants rediscovering classic cuisine, where the day lingers on into the night. Cities that think and dance to the music of the times. And journey back into the past. Ecologically. And vitally. They inspire. Each of us in a different way. They make space for new ideas. In the real world and the virtual one.

Naturally inspired

Nature lends your ideas wings

You're sitting on a fallen tree in the middle of a wood. Surrounded by trees – tall trees, with frequent glimpses of the sun's rays through the branches. The air is full of the fragrance of wood. And damp moss. It does you good. So much so that there are forest holidays where bathing in forest air is one of the benefits.

Take time to get in touch with nature, whether it's the silence of a mountain peak, or the uproarious whooping as you descend a mountain bike trail. These are moments of contact – just like the sense of achievement you have when working together leads to a change of perspective and the emergence of new ideas. Just like the all-round view from the mountain hut where the seminar is held.

Nature liberates your mind. Puts you in touch. Creates clarity. Changes viewpoints. And opens up new avenues, approaches and ideas. Turns your return journey into a triumphal procession. In every respect. For each individual and the whole team.

The flow of inspiration

Set sail for new shores

Your gaze focused on the horizon, the lake sparkling in the setting sun. Waves lapping at your feet.

This is what lightness of being feels like. For impetus, try leaving your towel on the wooden jetty and diving straight into the (ice)cold water.

There's no doubt that water has its own magic powers. It's slow and gentle, yet strong. Sometimes carries you along. Purifying. Powerful. Water drives us forward. A source of life.

It awakens our curiosity and courage. The courage to change. Courage to take on challenges.

Invigorating and inspirational

Energy lets ideas bubble up

Feet in the grass – it tickles a little. All around it's quiet. Simply breathe – in and out. Cool morning light streams through the body. The skin tingles. Wakens the energy. And the mind. Starts thoughts flowing and ideas fizzing.

The warm spring water helps you relax during breaks, either in the superb wellness area, the stone grotto or in the 5* spa. It gives you balance. Balance between tranquillity and energy. Work and relaxation. But especially new ideas. Impetus. And inspiration.